Update: 11/10/18: New Sorcerer’s Creed Covers!

I recently got the covers redone for my Sorcerer’s Creed Series, but I decided they weren’t converting very well, so I decided to get them redone. As it stands, the covers may or not be temporary. It really depends on how well they convert. I would, however, like to completely redesign them, going for something a little more in keeping with the market. I’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, a big shout out to Natalie for redoing the covers, for which she did an awesome job as you can see.

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You may also notice that I changed the title of the first book from Blood Sacrifice to Blood Magic. I’ve always felt that that the word sacrifice might be a little strong for some, perhaps connoting a more horror vibe than an urban fantasy one. Using the word magic is obviously going to resonate more with an urban fantasy audience. Time will tell 🙂

In other news, writing of the fourth Corvin Chance series book is going well, and has taken some very interesting turns than I’m sure you will all love when you read it. With any luck, the first book in the series should be out within the next few weeks.

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