How To Find Your True Writing Voice And Why You Need To

How To Find Your True Writing Voice And Why You Need To

One of the hardest aspects of writing to pin down is “voice”. You probably hear all the time that writers need to “find their voice”, as if it is some mysterious thing hidden away in the subconscious somewhere.

A writers voice does come from their subconscious, but it is not something that lurks there fully formed and waiting to be found. A writer’s voice must be cultivated, and the writer must use their subconscious to do that.

But how? We are still being vague here. If a writer has any hope of developing a unique writing voice then we first have to try and define exactly what that is.

In simple terms, writing voice can be defined as not what you say, but how you say it.

The power of such a simplified definition means that for the writer, they can write about virtually anything as long as they write in their own true voice.

If you’re a writer (and I assume you are since you are reading this) you should find that liberating, especially if you happen to be a blogger or article writer.