7 Most Anticipated Urban Fantasy TV Shows For 2019

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Ever since the advent of Buffy, urban fantasy on TV has grown considerably popular. Which is a good thing because the genre has produced some great shows over the years, including Supernatural, Constantine, True Blood, Being Human, Van Helsing, Teen Wolf and a whole slew of other awesome shows. While this year we had Neil … Read more

The 5 Best Things About Hannibal

It really annoys the shit out of me when I find out that one of my favorite TV shows has been cancelled. It has happened a lot lately. Constantine was axed, even though it fucking rocked. I also hear that Banshee is being axed after the upcoming season. Then there was The Following (WTF!). And … Read more

The Best Urban Fantasy TV Shows Ever [UPDATED 2020]

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9 Urban fantasy isn’t just a literary genre; it’s also a TV genre, even if it isn’t necessarily referred to as such by many people in TV Land. Urban fantasy shows have been around for quite a while now, starting with the likes of the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, both of which were more … Read more