You Will Succeed At Anything If You Have These Two Things

  If someone asked me what I thought the key to success was in any endeavor, I would reply: “Two things. Firstly, know exactly why you are doing what you are doing. Secondly, develop a thick skin.” Over the years, I have learned the vital importance of having those two key things in place. All … Read more

4 Ways To Find Hope And Meaning In A Fucked Up World

One of the most eye opening documentary’s I have ever watched is one called The Corporation. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it in the video below. I remember being shocked and astounded at the information in that film. Not that I thought big corporations were run by angels before then, but … Read more

Confessions Of An Ex-Conspiracy Theory Nut

The whole idea of conspiracy theories has been around for a long time, but they didn’t really capture the public imagination until the rise of the internet and the mainstream popularity of shows like The X-Files. Since then, conspiracy theories have become a firm part of mainstream culture, with every man and his dog having … Read more

The Best Way To Handle Criticism As A Writer

Sometimes I dread reading a review of my work for fear of what it might contain. No one likes to have their work torn to shreds by a reviewer who had a problem with, or blatantly hated, what you had to offer. Probably the most painful reviews to read are those that are the most … Read more

How To Tackle Writer’s Doubt And Double Your Productivity


Sometimes being a writer is the easiest thing in the world. Those times when ideas are clear and words seem to flow without effort—when the act of writing itself is pure joy—those times are awesome and they make you glad you chose to be a writer.

Other times being a writer is the hardest thing in the world. Those times when ideas are few and far between and what ideas you do have are woefully inadequate. Those times when the words refuse to come, when it appears you are suffering from a mental block that stifles your creativity.

While I can’t comment on which one of these scenarios you most find yourself in, it’s a pretty sure bet that all writers find themselves in the latter scenario more times than they care to mention.

But what causes this negative downturn? How do things go from good to bad seemingly overnight without any logical cause?

The answer to that lies in writer’s doubt.

How To Deal With Writers Burnout And Stress


The old saying of it’s better to burn out than fade away may apply to rock stars and flaming celebrities, but it certainly doesn’t apply to writers.

There is nothing glamorous about burning out to the point where you stop production and loose your grasp on being a writer.

If you stop writing you are no longer a writer. Why would you want that?

You wouldn’t want that of course, but if you are not careful, that’s exactly what can happen.

In this article I’m going to show you how to spot the signs that indicate writers burnout is just around the corner, if not already there. That way, you can do something about it before it hits and causes real damage, otherwise you may end up writing your twisted memoirs on an imaginary typewriter in the wing of a mental hospital somewhere, and no one wants that.

3 Ways For Writers To Toughen Up And Kick Negativity’s Ass

writing tips

Amongst other things, I teach self defense. One of the central concepts of effective self defense is attacking your attacker. Instead of trying to defend against an opponent and run the risk of being put on the back foot (thus overwhelmed and beaten), it is better to go on the offense and attack back straight away.

The best defense is a good offense.

When it comes to defending oneself against attacks in the writing world, we can use the same principle to defend ourselves.

I am not, of course, advocating that you get physical with people who dislike your work (although it can be tempting to throttle some people). What I am suggesting is that you get proactive when it comes to dealing with negativity surrounding you or your work.

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