DARK SOLSTICE Out Now – Northern Irish Urban Fantasy Horror!

urban fantasy horror

For my newest series, Greytown Horrors, I have returned to my home country of Ireland. Specifically, Northern Ireland with all of its colourful culture…and swearing. Lots of fucking swearing. Dark Solstice started off as a passion project of sorts. I just wanted to write something wild and crazy set in my own culture, a comedy … Read more


The Ethan Drake urban fantasy series continues unabated with the release of book five, Hell Patrol. In this book, you guessed it, Ethan Drake goes to Hell on a mission to mug Lucifer and free his daughter’s soul. But as usual with Ethan, there’s much more to the story, and things don’t go according to … Read more

Black Mirror – New Release Out Now!

urban fantasy character

Yes, book four in the Ethan Drake urban fantasy series is here, and folks, it’s an emotional ride this one. I felt sorry for Drake even as I was writing him, given that he is, in this book, gaslighted by a psychopathic warlock, marked for death by a Yakuza boss out for revenge, and tasked … Read more

Blackstar: An Ethan Drake Prequel Novel – Out Now!

Ethan Drake Urban Fantasy Series

So after giving in to reader demand for more backstory on Ethan Drake, I wrote a novella detailing some of the defining moments in Drake’s younger life. Moments that turned out to be harrowing and horrific, which, given Drake’s personality, had to be expected.  As well as these visits to the past, there is also … Read more

Wolf Moon: An Urban Fantasy Short Story

horror short stories

A werewolf is hunted by those who killed his pack, but the hunters soon become the hunted… When the sun set over the water, Oaken knew it was time to go. They’d be out there already, looking for him. How many, he didn’t know, but he knew there’d be enough. Probably too many for him … Read more

Pray For Hell: A Dark Fantasy Horror Short Story

horror short stories

A shop owner receives a mysterious box that he just can’t help opening… I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to mind the box for Frankie. If I’d known what would happen—if I’d realized the terrible consequences of doing so—I would’ve told Frankie to take his mysterious box and get the … Read more

I Need To Whisper It: A Dark Urban Fantasy Short Story

Urban Fantasy Short Story

A vampire gets more than he bargained for when he breaks into a victim’s house to feed… I broke into the house that night thinking it was just going to be another regular feeding session. Get in, drain the victim, get out. Easy, just like I’d done countless times before, then I’d be good to … Read more

The Portal: An Urban Fantasy Short Story

urban fantasy short stories

I don’t really write that many short stories, preferring the longer novel form, but this is one I wrote a while back. It’s urban fantasy, but with a big Lovecraftian horror element to it… When Sasha Benedict first saw the portal, she was trying not to scream in pain as the man who was supposed … Read more

Clive Barker: An Appreciation Of His Visionary Writing And Art

  “I have seen the future of horror…and it is named Clive Barker.” So says Stephen King in a very famous quote that graced the cover of just about every Clive Barker book in the eighties and nineties. At that time, Barker was highly celebrated as one of the best horror novelists of his generation. … Read more

Interview With Shane Stadler (Author Of Exoskeleton)

I am delighted today to have Shane Stadler on the blog for an interview. Shane is the author of the awesome and twisted Exoskeleton and and its sequel, Tympanum, both of which I have praised (and rightly so) in my reviews of the respective books. In this interview, I got the chance to ask Shane … Read more

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