Gods And Monsters Boxset Released!

urban fantasy complete series

Exciting news! The GODS AND MONSTERS boxset has just been released. Now you can read this urban fantasy adventure series from beginning to end as if it were just one long book. Thankfully, the way I wrote the story will lend itself perfectly to this format, instead of having the story split into different books. … Read more

Gods and Monsters Urban Fantasy Trilogy – New Covers Reveal!

urban fantasy series

Since releasing the last book in Gods and Monsters, my Irish urban fantasy series, I decided the covers needed a makeover.  Deranged Doctor Designs, who were great to work with and very professional, did the old covers that you see below. The covers looked great, but on reflection, they didn’t quite convey what I wanted … Read more

Serpent Son (Gods and Monsters Book 1) Now On Release!

irish urban fantasy

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the first book in my Irish urban fantasy trilogy, Gods and Monsters. This has been a long time coming (not that long, but it feels like it!) and I’m so happy to finally be releasing this. The attentive among you may remember this book being out last year … Read more

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