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Following the success of the first book in the Ethan Drake urban fantasy series, Infernal Justice, the second book, Blood Summoned, is now on release at Amazon. The book carries on the dark tone and black humor of the first book as Ethan and Co. find themselves once again knee-deep in blood, occult murder and … Read more

Infernal Justice Number One Bestseller!

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I’m very happy to report that Infernal Justice, the first book in the Ethan Drake urban fantasy series, is now a number one bestseller on Amazon Australia, poaching the number one spot in the Ghost Horror Category. The book has been doing very well overall since it’s release, becoming a hot new release in all … Read more

Infernal Justice Is Live!

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Infernal Justice, the first book in my new Ethan Drake dark urban fantasy series, is now live on Amazon. As you can see from the screenshot above, the book has been ranked as a Number One New Release, which is great.  The book also has about fifteen reviews so far, and nearly all of them … Read more

Infernal Justice Cover Reveal!

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I can’t believe that publication time has come around again. I always get excited before releasing a new book, because you never really know how it’s going to do until you actually put it out there. With Infernal Justice, though, I have a great feeling that this series is going to fly. I personally love … Read more

New Urban Fantasy Series Coming Soon!

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As the title states, I have a new urban fantasy/occult suspense series coming out soon, the first book in the series at least. But before I talk about that, I want to talk briefly about my last series. The Corvin Chance Chronicles as it was titled–my Irish urban fantasy series–was written by me but published … Read more