Black Faith Is Out Now!

Black Faith, the fourth book in the Corvin Chance Chronicles urban fantasy series is now on release at Amazon! So what’s it about? Never go asking questions that you don’t want to know the answers to. Investigating the murder of my parents somehow led me to investigating the murder of someone else’s.  The real problems … Read more



The second book in the Corvin Chance Chronicles is now on release at Amazon! When your best friend is half Fae, things can get a little complicated. Especially when you have to accompany her into the Otherworld because she has been summoned there by a dark Faery Queen with unknown intentions. Now me and my … Read more

Serpent Son Is Out Now!

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As most of you probably know by now, I recently started co-authoring a new series. Well, I’m very pleased to announce that the first book in that series has now been published and is available for purchase at Amazon. The book is called Serpent Son (The Corvin Chance Chronicles Book 1), and it’s and urban … Read more

Druidic Symbol Design


Being Irish, the Druids have always fascinated me. The Druids of Ireland were a very learned and intensely religious breed. They considered themselves to be Servants of Truth, and Sacred Scientists, being as learned as they were in matters of astronomy, alchemy, chemistry, literature, religion, spirituality and many other subjects. They also lived with a … Read more