Give Your Writing More Impact By Defining Who You Are Writing For

Give Your Writing More Impact By Defining Who You Are Writing For

When it comes to writing for an audience, either through books or blogging, one of the biggest mistakes writers often make is that they try to write for too wide an audience.

Of course we all want as many people as possible to read our stuff, but in trying to please too many people at once you will weaken your writing and reduce the chances of your work connecting with people.

If you want your writing to have more of an impact, one of the best things you can do is to narrow the audience you are writing for.

By impact, I mean that your writing will be truly useful and valuable to a select group of people, the people that your content is targeted towards. These people already want what you have to offer, you just have to find them first.

Having little or no impact comes from people reading your work who don’t care about it, simply because they have no need for what you are offering.

It makes sense to target people who will give a shit, not those who won’t. The best way to reach those people is to define who they are first.

3 Ways To Improve Your Writing Before You Even Start

3 Ways To Improve Your Writing Before You Even Start

Writing isn’t all about the craft. The craft is important yes, but so is the groundwork you lay in order to practice the craft of writing to its fullest extent.

There are things you can do before you start to write that will make a big difference to how you write once you actually begin.

It’s about the laying the proper groundwork so you can write at your fullest potential.

Read on to find out how you can give yourself the best chance of producing great work.

The ONE Thing You Can Do To Take Your Writing To The Next Level

The ONE Thing You Can Do To Take Your Writing To The Next Level

Out of everything I have done to try and improve myself as a writer over the years, there is one thing in particular that I did which helped me take my writing and myself as a writer to the next level.

What is that one thing?

I created a good writing environment.

That’s right. I found a place that I could go to every day and write without any distractions.

Before that, I used to try and write anywhere. Mostly I wrote at home, late at night when everyone else was in bed sleeping. That worked for me for a while, but it got to the point where I could hardly concentrate at such a late hour. My mind and body was tired and I didn’t have the energy or focus to sit there and write for the hour or two it would take me to finish something.

Most writers do their writing at home. The problem with that is that most writers also have families and an infinite number of distractions to contend with. This can seriously slow down your progress.

How To Find Your True Writing Voice And Why You Need To

How To Find Your True Writing Voice And Why You Need To

One of the hardest aspects of writing to pin down is “voice”. You probably hear all the time that writers need to “find their voice”, as if it is some mysterious thing hidden away in the subconscious somewhere.

A writers voice does come from their subconscious, but it is not something that lurks there fully formed and waiting to be found. A writer’s voice must be cultivated, and the writer must use their subconscious to do that.

But how? We are still being vague here. If a writer has any hope of developing a unique writing voice then we first have to try and define exactly what that is.

In simple terms, writing voice can be defined as not what you say, but how you say it.

The power of such a simplified definition means that for the writer, they can write about virtually anything as long as they write in their own true voice.

If you’re a writer (and I assume you are since you are reading this) you should find that liberating, especially if you happen to be a blogger or article writer.

4 Steps To Becoming A Professional Writer

4 Steps To Becoming A Professional Writer

Writing and publishing is a long game. If you want to succeed at it, you have to be prepared to put in years of practice.

Many people who want to write for a living don’t like to hear that. It can be off-putting to know that you may have to slave away day after day for years, writing without any outward signs of success.

When I was a full-time martial artist, I came across people all the time who wanted to be like Bruce Lee or their favorite UFC fighter. I often watched in amusement as their faces dropped when I told them how many years of training it would take to get to that high standard.

Too many people want the glory and success without doing any of the hard work to get it. It’s the same across all of society, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s like people want a magical solution that will whisk them straight from beginner to professional without having to bother with any of the steps in between.

Well, things don’t work like that. If you want to be even half-way competent in something, you still need to work your ass off. To be awesome, you have to work even harder.

It’s no different with writing.