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Hard to believe, but the sixth book – INFERNAL VENGEANCE – in the Ethan Drake dark urban fantasy series has just been released.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if this would be the last book in the series. But now I’ve pretty much made the decision that it will be. It’s been a fun, wild ride, but it’s time to move onto pastures new, I think. I have already started a new series, and have another series in the planning stage. The Drake series had some great characters, and most especially, I will miss Haedemus and the Hellbastards for their wild antics and the crazy things they say.

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I’m very proud of this series, and happy that it managed to pick up so many fans along the way.

Anyway, here’s the blurb for the final book, and the link to buy below:

Darkness is coming…and only darkness can stop it.

The world is ending. Wendell Knightsbridge, the Antichrist, and his demon father, Mephistopheles, are about to make real their nefarious plan to kill God and enslave mankind.

And only I can stop them. Well, me and a bunch of angels and a few disturbed friends of mine. And Lucifer. Only Lucifer is more interested in being a playboy than he is in saving his own father and the world. Which only leaves, you guessed it…me and my messed-up friends.

But to complicate matters, another friend of mine has been murdered by a serial killer. Me being me, I can’t let a thing like that go. Maybe it’s the ex-cop in me, but it’s something I have to investigate. Only I don’t intend to arrest anybody when I’m done, if you know what I mean. Nobody kills my friends and get’s away with it, even if this particular killer isn’t all that he seems.

So on top of hunting a serial killer, I still gotta figure out how I’m gonna stop Knightsbridge and his demon father. But I will. Fact is, this isn’t just about saving the world to me.

This about cold, hard revenge. And I’m gonna get it…even if it kills me.

To get your copy of the book click the link below:


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