Gods and Monsters Urban Fantasy Trilogy – New Covers Reveal!

urban fantasy series

Since releasing the last book in Gods and Monsters, my Irish urban fantasy series, I decided the covers needed a makeover. 

Deranged Doctor Designs, who were great to work with and very professional, did the old covers that you see below.

The covers looked great, but on reflection, they didn’t quite convey what I wanted them to. They were too slick, and almost had a paranormal romance feel to them. The series is gritty, so I felt like the covers needed to be gritty as well…or grittier.

So I contacted Natalie at Original Book Cover Designs (who do all my covers now), and with the scant information I gave her, she managed to intuite perfectly what I wanted, just as she does with my Ethan Drake books. 

Below you can see Natalie’s work. I think the covers look great and, more importantly, encapsulate the feel of the books more.

urban fantasy books

No doubt some of you prefer the old covers, which is fine. I’m still glad I got the new ones done, especially as sales have increased since doing so. 

Either way, it’s not the cover that counts so much as what’s between the covers – the story! 

All three books are available on Amazon, and are free to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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