Druidic Symbol Design

Being Irish, the Druids have always fascinated me. The Druids of Ireland were a very learned and intensely religious breed. They considered themselves to be Servants of Truth, and Sacred Scientists, being as learned as they were in matters of astronomy, alchemy, chemistry, literature, religion, spirituality and many other subjects. They also lived with a a completely different level of consciousness than we do today. For all these reasons, elements of Druidism often feature in my novels, and this is nonetheless true for my lastest series of novels, The Corvin Chance Chronicles. As the series progresses, Druidism will feature more and more as the main character learns some things about himself and his family lineage. The books aren’t out yet, so I won’t give too much away!

For the covers, I wanted a symbol that represented what the Druids were about to a certain extent. So I came up with the design you see below. In the design, we have the Tree of Knowledge in the center, with the Ouroboros it, which in turn is surrounded by the flames of the sun. The Druids were big sun worshippers (as are all Christians…most of them just don’t know it). On the outside of the design are two half moons, to represent the lunar worship of the Druids. 

I’ve included two different versions here.


druid symbol

Check more of my art on my Deviant Art page.

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