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The audiobook version of Death Dealers (Ethan Drake Book 3) is out now on Audible. Narrated once again by the supremely talented Brian Wiggins, this installment of the urban fantasy series finds our cop hero, Ethan Drake, going up against demons, mercenary werewolves…and the Mob. Oh, and the Yakuza, as well. They are all after Ethan this time! The story is thrilling and action-packed, made more so by Brian Wiggins awesome narration.

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No matter where light goes, darkness is already there….and it was waiting.

When I put down Derrick Savage, the werewolf mercenary that killed my wife and daughter, I thought I was the light to his darkness. But as it turned out, killing him only unleashed yet more darkness.

Now I have the rest of Savage’s pack out to get me, a bunch of bloodthirsty mercenaries who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of their pack member, even if that means targeting those closest to me.

In the meantime, I’m still a cop with a case to solve—the murder of a man under mysterious circumstances that will draw me into the world of the local mob and the new breed of MURKs—Mytholites—that are springing up everywhere. This new breed have teeth…and they bite hard.

And speaking of MURKs, my partner Hannah has become the full-fledged demon she always threatened to be thanks to the hurt I caused her. Now she wants revenge against me…just as soon as she’s done taking out the local Yakuza clan in a bloody war that I inevitably get drawn into myself.

Wherever I turn, death and darkness are there waiting…and I’m running out of places to turn.

I might as well book my spot in Hell right now…

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