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23 Kickass Quotes About Writing Every Writer Needs To Know

We all need a little inspiration from time to time (in between working our asses off, of course). Inspiration is like the protein that feeds the muscles of creativity and our continued dedication to the craft of writing. One of the best ways I know to get inspired is to read the books of other authors. I get inspired when I see what great things can be done in writing, and I always go away

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Chuck Wendig Says To Fuck Fear In The Ear And Write Whatever You Damn Well Please…And I Agree With Him

  Chuck Wendig wrote a truly inspirational piece on his blog recently, in which he said that all writers should write the book that they want to write, as opposed to the book they think they should write in order to appease a certain market. According to Chuck, a writer “should fuck fear in the ear” and write the book that pleases them first and foremost. It is not new advice obviously. Many have argued

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You Will Succeed At Anything If You Have These Two Things

  If someone asked me what I thought the key to success was in any endeavor, I would reply: “Two things. Firstly, know exactly why you are doing what you are doing. Secondly, develop a thick skin.” Over the years, I have learned the vital importance of having those two key things in place. All else aside, those two things will make sure you stay the course and get to where you want to be.

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Marijuana: Does It Make You A Better Writer?

  I have a confession to make. For the last twenty odd years, I have been smoking weed every night of the week. I also confess to loving it. I don’t drink or do any other drugs (any more), so smoking weed is like my one “vice”, although I don’t think of smoking weed as a vice. I don’t really think of it as anything, to be honest. It’s just something I do and enjoy.

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Is There Any Real Value In Writing Down Your Ideas?

I’ve never really been one for writing down ideas in notebooks. I have tried to do so in the past, but I never maintained the practice. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that it was a waste of time. In the brief periods where I have recorded some of my ideas, I found little benefit in doing so. For one thing, I rarely read back over the notes that I took. Reading back over a

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The Best Way To Handle Criticism As A Writer

Sometimes I dread reading a review of my work for fear of what it might contain. No one likes to have their work torn to shreds by a reviewer who had a problem with, or blatantly hated, what you had to offer. Probably the most painful reviews to read are those that are the most critical, generally the three star reviews. One star reviews are given because the reader disliked the whole book, or some

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5 Things That Help Me Stay Focused And Productive As A Writer

As a writer, I am more productive now than I have ever been in the past. The reason why I am so productive these days is because I have learned to focus. Staying focused is a daily battle for me, as it is with most people. At any minute of the day, there are always a ton of distractions waiting in the wings ready to drag me away from what I really want and need

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Encouraging Advice For Beginning Writers From Ira Glass

Image Courtesy Jesse Michener The other day, I came across a series of videos recorded by writer and broadcaster, Ira Glass. In the videos, Glass talks about the art and craft of story telling, and hands out quite a bit of advice on writing and the creative process. In one of these videos, Glass talks about the value of not giving up, of not quitting before you have even hit your mark, so to speak.

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Morally Gray Characters

I have always enjoyed reading about morally ambiguous characters in fiction. Such characters, to me, are much more interesting than straight down the line good or evil characters. The fact is, we live in a world of gray, not black and white. Almost everyone can go one way or the other at any time, and often do. Even the most morally upstanding person has done things that they are most likely not proud off. I

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