Review: My Work Is Not Yet Done by Thomas Ligotti

The last time I read anything by nihilistic horror writer, Thomas Ligotti was over twenty years ago when I came across his first book, Noctuary, in my local library. I was a young teenager, more into “shock horror” writers like Shaun Hutson and the new wave of American horror writers coming through at the time, … Read more

Review: Exoskeleton II: Tympanum by Shane Stadler

  I am really glad I didn’t have to wait almost four years for this story the way a lot of people did. I only got to reading Exoskeleton, the previous novel from Shane Stadler, a couple of months ago (read my review here), so thankfully I didn’t have long to wait on the follow-up … Read more

Review: Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

chuck wendig

Chuck Wendig has a way with words. He is one of the most talented writers I have come across in a while. Actually, let me correct that. Chuck Wendig is one of the most practiced writers I have come across in a while, because as we all know (or should know anyway) talent is overrated … Read more

Review: The Ghosts Of Belfast by Stuart Neville

I have been meaning to read The Ghosts Of Belfast (originally published as The Twelve in Britain) for quite some time now. I actually remember reading parts of the book on the authors blog before the book was ever published, when it was still a work in progress. So why has it taken me this … Read more

Review: Exoskeleton by Shane Stadler

Exoskeleton was published in 2012, but I only came across it recently when I saw an advert for it in my Facebook newsfeed. There was a quote from a reviewer on the ad that said, “This book left a stain on my soul.” Naturally, being drawn to all things dark and sinister, I decided I … Read more

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