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Update: 11/10/18: New Sorcerer’s Creed Covers!

I recently got the covers redone for my Sorcerer’s Creed Series, but I decided they weren’t converting very well, so I decided to get them redone. As it stands, the covers may or not be temporary. It really depends on how well they convert. I would, however, like to completely redesign them, going for something a little more in keeping with the market. I’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, a big shout out


Update: 08/10/18: New Urban Fantasy Series Coming!

So I recently teamed up with an indie publisher, Muonic Press, run by Micah Crowley. I’m contracted to write a six book series, which I’m currently in the middle of doing now. I’m gotten three of the six books written, with the first to be released in a matter of days from now. The new urban fantasy series is called the Corvin Chance Chronicles, and it features the adventures of a wizard in Dublin, Corvin