Encouraging Advice For Beginning Writers From Ira Glass

Image Courtesy Jesse Michener The other day, I came across a series of videos recorded by writer and broadcaster, Ira Glass. In the videos, Glass talks about the art and craft of story telling, and hands out quite a bit of advice on writing and the creative process. In one of these videos, Glass talks … Read more

Morally Gray Characters

I have always enjoyed reading about morally ambiguous characters in fiction. Such characters, to me, are much more interesting than straight down the line good or evil characters. The fact is, we live in a world of gray, not black and white. Almost everyone can go one way or the other at any time, and … Read more

How To Be Original In Your Writing

original writing

You wanna mess up a writer tell them to write something original. See how long it takes them to freeze up and then fall to bits. What many beginning writers fail to realize to their detriment is that purposely trying to come up with wholly original stuff is folly and only results in one thing: … Read more

The Best Urban Fantasy TV Shows Ever [UPDATED 2020]

urban fantasy

9 Urban fantasy isn’t just a literary genre; it’s also a TV genre, even if it isn’t necessarily referred to as such by many people in TV Land. Urban fantasy shows have been around for quite a while now, starting with the likes of the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, both of which were more … Read more

Your Subconcious Mind: A Brief Users Guide For Writers

writing tips

Where would a writer be without their subconscious? What chance would a story have to be written without the help of the subconscious to tell it? Writers kid themselves into thinking that they are the sole architects of their creations, when really, they aren’t. Sure, a writer does most of the leg work, puts in … Read more

Why I Chose To Write In The Urban Fantasy Genre

dark fantasy writing

I hesitated to use the name Urban Fantasy in this article, mainly because these days it is often too closely associated with Paranormal Romance, which does nothing to describe the kind of books that I write. To me, Urban Fantasy describes a type of fiction that features supernatural characters in a realistic setting, which can … Read more