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meshuggah best band

Is Meshuggah The Best Metal Band In The World?

When you read about Meshuggah on online forums and fan groups, a question that always comes up is: Is Meshuggah the best metal band in the world? That’s a question I don’t see asked about too many other bands. None, actually. It should tell you a lot about the kind of respect and admiration a

urban fantasy short stories

The Portal: An Urban Fantasy Short Story

I don’t really write that many short stories, preferring the longer novel form, but this is one I wrote a while back. It’s urban fantasy, but with a big Lovecraftian horror element to it… When Sasha Benedict first saw the portal, she was trying not to scream in pain as the man who was supposed

Modern Magic: A Complete Newcomers Guide To All Things Urban Fantasy

Since its birth in the 1980’s, urban fantasy as a genre has grown considerably more popular over the years, and while it may not have yet reached the commercial heights of genre behemoths like romance or mystery, there is no doubt that UF as a genre will continue to grow and grow. And the reason

urban fantasy tv shows

7 Most Anticipated Urban Fantasy TV Shows For 2019

Ever since the advent of Buffy, urban fantasy on TV has grown considerably popular. Which is a good thing because the genre has produced some great shows over the years, including Supernatural, Constantine, True Blood, Being Human, Van Helsing, Teen Wolf and a whole slew of other awesome shows. While this year we had Neil

meaning and life

Are We Living In The Matrix? We Might As Well Be

It seems to be a fact these days that the older I get the less I understand about the world. It’s like the old adage says… The more you learn, the less you know. I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out the world I live in, as I’m sure most people have. At

urban fantasy movies

The Best Urban Fantasy Movies By Decade From 1950’s-2010’s

I have been a fan of urban fantasy movies for many years now, even before I or anyone else necessarily knew what urban fantasy was. The term itself wasn’t really coined until the 1980’s, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t books and movies around that fitted the definition. Before the urban fantasy term was thought

How Using Tarot Cards Can Help You Write Fiction

As someone who has come to develop a deep interest in esotericism and what might be called “ancient wisdom”—things of a higher nature, aspects of spirituality that have been forgotten and suppressed in this so-called modern age—I found myself a while ago inevitably taking an interest in the Tarot. What Is The Tarot About? If

Clive Barker: An Appreciation Of His Visionary Writing And Art

  “I have seen the future of horror…and it is named Clive Barker.” So says Stephen King in a very famous quote that graced the cover of just about every Clive Barker book in the eighties and nineties. At that time, Barker was highly celebrated as one of the best horror novelists of his generation.


Druidic Symbol Design

Being Irish, the Druids have always fascinated me. The Druids of Ireland were a very learned and intensely religious breed. They considered themselves to be Servants of Truth, and Sacred Scientists, being as learned as they were in matters of astronomy, alchemy, chemistry, literature, religion, spirituality and many other subjects. They also lived with a


Urban Fantasy: 10 Tough Guy Urban Fantasy Series You Need To Read

Urban fantasy with a male lead–or tough guy urban fantasy as it is sometimes known–has seen something of a resurgence in the last few years. Once upon a time, the urban fantasy genre was dominated mostly by books featuring female protagonists from authors such as Kim Harrison, Laurel K Hamilton and Patricia Briggs to name