Blackstar: An Ethan Drake Prequel Novel – Out Now!

Ethan Drake Urban Fantasy SeriesSo after giving in to reader demand for more backstory on Ethan Drake, I wrote a novella detailing some of the defining moments in Drake’s younger life. Moments that turned out to be harrowing and horrific, which, given Drake’s personality, had to be expected. 

As well as these visits to the past, there is also a plot involving Drake’s last mission for Blackstar, in which he is a Commander in the Combat Department on the hunt for a demon “terrorist.”

The novella is short, exciting and informative. If you’re a fan of the series so far, this is a must read.

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I’ve also given this urban fantasy novella its own series because I plan on releasing more of them, delving further into Drake’s dark past and discovering what other secrets he has buried there.

BLACKSTAR is available now to download from Amazon and is free to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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