urban fantasyWelcome to my website!

I am a former professional self defense instructor with a number of bestselling non-fiction books under my belt. This website represents my move into writing fiction full-time.

Fiction writing is something I have always dreamed of doing, but like a lot of people I put it off for years, until recently. The success of my non-fiction books has allowed me to concentrate fully on writing fiction.

I like dark fiction. The darker side of urban fantasy, horror and thrillers. I grew up reading books by Stephen King, James Herbert, Shaun Hutson, Clive Barker, Graham Masterson, Joe R. Lansdale and a whole slew of other writers who combined, influence me to this day.

The dark urban fantasy genre offers a lot of scope for me as a writer. I get to combine action and suspense with elements of horror and the supernatural, all propelled by characters on the fringes of society…my favorite kind of characters πŸ™‚

So who am I then?

Well, as I said, I spent over thirty years training in martial arts and teaching people how to defend themselves against interpersonal violence. In fact, I still do that to this day, but on a one to one basis with private clients.

I also used to run my own gym. Before that I was a plasterer for years, and before that I did a shitload of shitty jobs including door to door sales, nightclub bouncer, landscape gardening and working in an office pushing paper. Thank fuck for drive and ambition, that’s all I can say, or I would still be stuck working for unappreciative cunts for shitty wages.

My books on self defense have been bestsellers. You can check them out here if you so desire. I also ran another website called Combative Mind that dealt with self defense. That site did really well for me and was a great platform for selling books and connecting with people. I hope to repeat the same success here.

I live in Northern Ireland with my wife and kids. I have two daughters and a beautiful granddaughter who is the light of my life–and yes, I know I don’t look old enough to be a Grandad, but I love it anyway. At least I get to be a cool Grandad πŸ™‚

Enjoy your time here and I hope you come back often. If you feel like following me on social media, hit the buttons below. Failing that, I’m always open to feedback and questions. You can use this form to contact me direct. Don’t be shy. I answer everyone back.

All the best.