Update: 08/10/18: New Urban Fantasy Series Coming!

So I recently teamed up with an indie publisher, Muonic Press, run by Micah Crowley. I’m contracted to write a six book series, which I’m currently in the middle of doing now. I’m gotten three of the six books written, with the first to be released in a matter of days from now.

The new urban fantasy series is called the Corvin Chance Chronicles, and it features the adventures of a wizard in Dublin, Corvin Chance, and his various friends. Like my other books, this series is dark and gritty, though certainly ┬ánot without humor. I’m Irish, the characters are all Irish. There’s going to be dark humor!

I’m very excited about this project, and am interested to see how it does when it hits the market. Early feedback has been positive so far, so I’m confident the series will do well. This is especially true because Micah is a bit of genius when it comes to marketing. He has done wonders in the post-apoc genre ad I expect him to do the same in the urban fantasy genre as well. Together, we will make a formidable team I hope.

I’m also in the process of redoing the covers (again!) for the Sorcerer’s Creed Series. I’m due to write another two books in that series, but I can’t get started until early next year when the CCC series is finished.

Stay tuned for cover reveal soon!

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