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Hell Breaks Loose: Chapter One
I'm in the process of writing the fourth book in my urban fantasy series, Watchers. So while I'm writing it,[...]
Write What You Know (And Also What You Don’t Know)
Write what you know has become one of those well-worn rules of writing that has been bandied about so much[...]
3 Tips To Overcome The Resistance That Stops You From Writing
Most of the work in being a writer does not come from the writing itself. It comes from actually getting[...]
On Failure And Taking Risks As A Writer
To grow as a writer you have to take risks. Calculated risks preferably, but risks none the less. And to[...]
Interview With Shane Stadler (Author Of Exoskeleton)
I am delighted today to have Shane Stadler on the blog for an interview. Shane is the author of the[...]
Thoughts On Being A Writing Junky
It occurred to me that I might just be addicted to writing, and probably have been since my early teens.[...]


N.P. MARTIN Author

My name is Neal Martin, and I am an author who rights dark fiction in multiple genres. This website represents my journey into the fictional darkness... 

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